Business Assessment

WTF is a business assessment? 🤬

While we’re on it, why do I need one?

Your business online sucks. You know it and I know it.

You don’t have any plans.

You don’t know where people find you online.

You don’t know where to find your people online.

You don’t know who your people are or why they buy from you.

You are reluctant to invest in your business because you don’t know if its working so you only spend the amount you are prepared to loose. This isn’t Vegas. We aren’t gambling or Speculating.

Until we get clear on who your target customers are, where they are and what we can do to get in front of more of them, all of our efforts will be wasted.


My business assessment is designed to do just that. 360 degree review of your business online.

What’s working?

What’s not work?

Who buys?

How often do they buy?

Can we trigger more frequently buying?

How much communication is going on?

How many emails have you sent this month?